The SciShops project consists of seven work packages with corresponding subtasks:

  • WP1: MANAGE: Project Management and Coordiantion

    D1.2 Kick-off meeting report

    D1.2 RRI strategy including data management plan ethical, privacy, gender equality and open science issues

    D1.3/D1.4 Status report and financial overview

    D1.4 Final project documentation and financial report

  • WP2: EXPLORE: Base Research and European Participatory Community-Based Research Assessment

    D2.1 Baseline research and best practice report on participatory and community-based research


    D2.2 Existing RRI tools and successful participatory community based research case studies report


    D2.3 Stakeholder survey summary report


    D2.4 Science shops taxonomy

    D2.5 Existing science shops assessment


  • WP3: ENGAGE: Stakeholder Analysis, Involvement, Knowledge Exchange Roadmap

    D3.1 European synergy status report


    D3.2 Stakeholder and engagement strategy on participatory community-based research


    D3.3 Stakeholders’ insights on participatory community-based research


    D3.4 Events roadmap


    D3.5 Events status report

    D3.6 Knowledge exchange roadmap

    D3.7 Events roadmap 2

    D3.8 Events status report 2

    D3.9 Knowledge exchange roadmap 2

  • WP4: GENERATE: Strategy for Community-Based Research and Science Shops’ Further Development

    D4.1 Science shops scenarios collection


    D4.2 Practitioners roadmaps and methodology toolkits


    D4.3 Modules for training science shops# staff

    D4.4 Science shops establishment guides


    D4.5 Strategy for participatory research in communities and capacity building of existing science shops


  • WP5: EMPOWER: Web Platform with Awareness Modules, Twinning Opportunities and Knowledge Transfer

    D5.1 SciShops web platform development status report

    D5.2 Interactive SciShops Knowledge Base

    D5.3 European SciShops Digital Awareness Channels

    D5.4 SciShops digital twinning services

    D5.5/D5.6 End users feedback report and optimization

  • WP6: ESTABLISH: New Science Shops, Twinning them with experiences one for Effective Knowledge Exchange

    D6.1 Community specific research questions report

    D6.2 New science shops establishment report

    D6.3 Knowledge transfer assessment 1

    D6.4 Staff training evaluation

    D6.5 knowledge transfer assessment 2

  • WP7: DISSEMINATE: Project Communication, Publication, Networking and Exploitation

    D7.1 Project website, social media channels and communication activities

    D7.2/D7.4 Dissemination package 1& 2

    D7.3 Scientific publications and networking summary report

    D7.4 Exploitation plan

    D7.5 European SciShops Symposium Report